The Door – Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Founding date:
April, 2018




(+45) 30 25 63 00


The Door is a unique story-puzzle game with teleportation and a very confused robot.


  • Teleportation through doors in a beautiful environment
  • Create objects with unique perspective puzzles and scale them to fit your need
  • A unique and quirky story with an ethical choice in the end
  • Evolved classic puzzle gameplay
  • Visual merge mechanisms to create objects
  • Scale objects and have the fit new possibilities
  • Discover new doors and solve uniquely crafted door puzzle throughout the game


Upon discovering a secret digital door, you find yourself trapped in an alternate world together with a partially defunct, confused and chatty robot.
Guided by the robot, you must find your way home through a series of doors and puzzles placed in a beautiful landscape, but something is amiss…
Why are you the only one that can make these doors appear? What is The Big Thing In The Sky doing here? And what is that protocol your robot friend continues to talk about?


THE DOOR mixes classic puzzle gameplay with unique experience for each door throughout the game.
Find the right patterns, fix broken objects with unique perspective puzzles, and scale things found to have them fit your purpose.
Move through the world by unlocking new doors, and teleport your way towards The Big Thing In The Sky.




  • “The puzzles are a lot of fun, your digital buddy is enjoyable company and the narrative is very intriguing. There’s a definite feeling that you’re being duped into doing something that will lead to your own undoing, but you’re so curious to see what’s behind the next door that it won’t stop you! Highly recommended.”
    – Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • “I am so glad I saw this vid. I love this game to bits.”
    – Unity Soul, YouTube comment
  • “Love the artsyle!”
    – @frozen_helm, Twitter comment
  • “The dialogue is really fresh!”
    – TWPO, YouTube comment
  • “I like how the scattered shadows suddenly attach to a single shadow!”
    – Murphy, YouTube comment
  • “Cell44 is the best and cutest female robot character in the history of gaming”
    – Falaxuper, YouTube comment


An experienced team stands behind this production. With many years of industry experience, having worked for notable companies as Kiloo, LEGO, NapNok Games, Throughline Games, Press Play and more, they are now ready to create an amazing experience in impossible world of The Door.

Jeppe Kilberg
Producer / Game Director

Uffe Flarup
Lead Developer

Benjamin Magnussen
Lead Artist

Kristian Kristensen
Concept Artist

Morten Brunbjerg

Rasmus Hartvig
Audio Designer

Thomas Vigild
Game Design

Anne Clausen
Game Design

Kasper Endahl

Steffen Pihl


The Door was partially funded by The Danish Film Institute:

The Danish Film Institute