The Door

The Door is an original story-driven puzzle game, playable on PC, Mac and mobile, with optional Augmented Reality support for a truly unique experience.


Upon discovering a digital door appearing in your own living room, you walk into a beautiful digital desert, searching for the voice that called out for you.

Of course, the door back to your living room slams shut behind you, falls to the ground, and with a small sigh you realize that you’re unfortunately trapped here – together with the slightly needy and useless robot that lured you in here in the first place.

With the special powers you have, you’re able to open the doors and solve the challenges in this digital world, and together with your clingy new friend you’re able to move forward.

But soon you realize that you’re the first human to set foot in this world, and the inhabitants here are very curious to learn more about you.


  • Storyline about humans and technology.
  • Logical puzzles to test brain capacity of your human brain.
  • A wide variety of doors to unlock, tied into the storyline: Eye-scanners, physical trials, fingerprint-readers and more.
  • Playable in Augmented Reality, or with highly polished touch controls from the safety of your couch.


  • iOS and Android (featuring optional Augmented Reality support)
  • PC and Mac




The Door is developed by:

Emil Holms Kanal 14, 1.
2300 KĂžbenhavn S

A fully playable demo was generously funded by The Danish Film Institute: